Entrust your business niggles to us, and we endeavor to ease your burden with strategic and proactive approach!


We give you effective solutions to meet the market challenges head-on. Our work doesn’t just stop there! We track the way our solutions enhance your performance by generating weekly and monthly reports for transparency. This will help identify weak spots and areas that need attention.

Customer Insights

Our solutions help you understand the preferences of your prospective and existing customers to ensure optimized engagement.

Customer Insights

Your customers form the backbone to achieve your business goals, and our solutions can help you gain more insights to attract your target audience, influence them with right marketing campaigns and eventually facilitate effective conversions.


We travel the entrepreneurial journey with you, shoulder to shoulder. We share your vision and dreams.


We focus on your success and give you tried and tested optimised solutions to accentuate your performance, rather than just suggest expensive options to fill our pockets! Our dedicated team will help you enhance your ROI!


Welcome To KanRam

Every great journey begins with a bright idea and the mind to enrich the journey of others. KanRam’s inception started on the same lines. Established in 2006 backed by the vision of 5 engineers, KanRam is making giant strides in the ERP services sector. We have operations in India, USA, and Australia.

We are committed to helping businesses optimize their resources to work towards realizing their business goals. You might be amazed that small strategic changes can make a big impact, and we will show you how it is done. We work with you to enhance your ROI effectively with a proactive approach and dynamic solutions. Our team of experts shoulders your operational difficulties with effortless ease and professional skills.



Digital transformation and inevitable success are within your easy reach now!

Whether you have an established business or taking tentative foray as a fledgling start-up, we empower your business goals with clear insights and a dynamic approach. Our team of experts with years of experience and expertise helps you reach new heights in the business sphere. With strategic plans and technological innovation guiding us, we simplify your digital transformation with clear cut solutions.


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