Importance Of Analytics

In this era of digital disruption, there are vast data resources waiting to be tapped. Doing so efficiently has the true potential to unlock unlimited opportunities and will facilitate better decision-making capabilities.

KanRam’s Data Analytics Team specializes in helping you monetize your data assets effectively. We have a solid infrastructure to capture and study the data assets, thereby helping you to achieve your business goals efficiently.

Data Analytics is key to

  • Keep up with the competition
  • Eventually helping you to get a head start over competitors
  • Unleashing your full potential to revolutionize the market sphere


There is an explosion of data in this new digital age. This is due to more mobile browsing and the growing number of Internet of Things applications.

Our Data Analytics team can assist you to increase revenues, enhance operational efficiency, optimize and plan marketing campaigns, get an edge over competitors by keeping up with market trends. An effective amalgamation of such strategic practices will eventually lead to ultimately boosting your business performance.

We have a rich experience of catering to a plethora of industries and organizations. The importance of analytics has evolved over the past decade, and assessing your existing capabilities is important to take proactive steps to achieve your business goals.

As part of this initiative, we

1. Identify your needs and operational capabilities
2. Study the challenges, and draw up a target to achieve.
3. Tailor-make an analytics tool to optimize information processing and overall performance
4. Do market research to study your market standing against that of your competitors, and to identify the gaps to deal with.

The success of any organization is possible if there is a basic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. In this stage, the professional analysts use statistical methods to understand the relationship between data and business performance.

We do,

1. Data Mining – This helps us establish consistent patterns and relationships between the different variables of data. This will help in easy analysis of new sets of data
2. Data Modelling – We derive a clear cut understanding of data variables with the help of mathematical equations and statistical methodologies.
3. Language Processing – We enable human speech understanding by way of advanced computer programming. This way unstructured data can be organized to provide a better understanding.

This dynamic analysis helps you

Get an in-depth understanding of your customer profile

Plan better marketing strategies and brand promotion
To have a better reach and interaction with your customers to increase loyalty and sales
Enable an enriching workplace experience, by empowering and 4 the human resources in your organization
Helps you take better financial decisions by implementing appropriate controls

At the end of an analytics cycle, you might find yourself take better decisions based on realistic data. This includes,

  • Marketing Budget planning
  • Forecasting demand effectively and not rely on artificial demand and supply parameters
  • Planning and Optimization of inventory
  • Identify fraudulent activities within the organization.
Reporting is a way to identify the true potential of any organization. Our professional team at KamRam are adept at conducting ‘Business Intelligence’ analysis. In-depth analysis of data and a strong understanding of how the industry works is our cup of tea!

This reporting has a dual purpose

1. Helping an organization to understand and realize their true potential.
2. Establish the reliability of the data collected, so that higher level analytics can be conducted if need be.

KanRam has the expertise to implement dynamic reporting. We help in refining the data by removing inaccurate data from the database, integrate the data received from different sources to derive at a unified vision and convert the data into user-friendly UI/UX format. In a nutshell, we organize data in a regularised format to be used during business decisions and provide interactive dashboards if needed, via the web or mobile apps.

KanRam, delivers reliable data to enhance the business performance and increase optimization of resources. Contact us today, and take the first step towards inevitable success!