Cloud Services

With the influx of digital technology, Cloud Computing is all the rage now. In simple terms, it is on-demand availability of resources, data storage and computing power on a centralized data center.

Many enterprises are adopting Cloud technology to ease the process of infrastructure automation, operations, and management. This gives you a competitive edge, ensures maximum reliability, and easy distribution of applications across multiple data centers.

KanRam Cloud Services helps you navigate through complex changes and process the information to make better choices.

Our Cloud applications are designed specifically to support complex deployment patterns and dynamically scale performance parameters. We give you the efficient infrastructure for centrally managing the configuration for all applications, thereby facilitating easy balancing of complex deployment patterns.


KanRam helps you manage your transition to the cloud and operate effectively on the cloud. It might seem like a daunting task, but KanRam can assist you to choose the areas of your business that would benefit from the migration. We would study all your applications, give you an idea of costs involved, and offer you technical expertise and support. All this will be accomplished with minimal interference and within an optimized timeline.

Your investment decisions focus on ROI, and we can help you realize your target by developing and deploying apt applications. Whatever your migration choice, be it, private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud, we can help you make a seamless transition.

KanRam’s cloud migration experts can help you migrate any of your applications onto Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud platform. We can also help you with data back up strategies and disaster recovery plans. We help you streamline your business applications and data.

We help you

  • Determine the applications that are fit for the cloud
  • Choosing the best cloud platform for your application
  • Analysing the requirements of applications that you are moving to cloud
  • Evaluation of support required during migration
  • Make a choice between private vs public cloud platforms
  • Enhance the ROI goals

With the right strategy and planning, we facilitate on-time cloud migration within your budget. There are 5 stages for a successful migration.

1. Planning

The first step is to analyze and decide the scope of work, the applications to be migrated, and confirm deliverables.

2. Assessment

Here we categorize applications based on business goals, risks involved, understand the current application usage context and trends, and the core objectives of moving to the cloud.

3. Analyze

In this stage, we help you decide on the right cloud platforms and architecture to suit the applications that need to be migrated.

4. Migrate

Modify and migrate applications to fit the move group, and execute cloud code analysis tool on application.

5. Handing Over

We help a seamless transition of the applications to our application team to deploy in the cloud. Testing for suitability is also incorporated immediately.

We ease your transition to cloud computing with proactive planning and dynamic approach. Together, we can work efficiently towards realising your business goals. Take the first step today! Call us.