ERP Solutions

The success of your business is the result of an efficient amalgamation of an array of resources. It is important to integrate human resources, financial planning, sales planning, order processing, logistics and other key processes for smooth operation and enhanced revenues.

Whether your company is a fledgling startup or well-established enterprise, choosing an effective ERP system is a tough task. Though you might have all internal processes at your control, ERP planning needs a dedicated team to do proper market research, gather information both internally and externally, and derive at a system that can help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

KanRam understands you and helps simplify choosing a perfect ERP system for your venture. We have rich experience and excellent understanding of all aspects of ERP.


Business Process Analysis

We study the business process in-depth, to understand the resources that need to be seamlessly integrated. A proper business process analysis helps you identify ways to enhance efficiency and productivity, at the same time letting you identify the weak points that need to be addressed. Our team of professionals walks you through the enterprise resource planning with a step by step process.

The 4 stages of KanRam’s ERP services are,

1. Initial Business Process Study

Studying the internal process and identifying how things work. This can give you a better understanding of how the business process can be optimized to enhance ROI.

2. Collecting Market Data

Market study helps identify how effective your existing process is. Do you realise, several external forces affect how your business runs? Our aim is to tap the information to optimize your business process. We collect data from sources like demand & supply dynamics, logistics, customer feedback, roadblocks that deter progress, etc. This industry wise data can provide deep insights into enhancing your revenues and realizing your business goals.

3. Analysis

The collected data is processed to break them down into simplified information. Then they are studied relatively with the existing process to see how effective it is and to find if there is scope for improvement. Our analysis stage is comprehensive, and we use various techniques to examine how the process can be optimized.

Gap Analysis – helps in identifying the missing cogs in your business process.
Root Cause Analysis – helps in finding the core reasons affecting business performance
Value Add Analysis – helps to find the unnecessary process that is preventing optimized operation.

4. Devising a bespoke ERP service plan

We devise a bespoke enterprise resource plan to optimize the way things work. We recommend key points that can optimize existing processes or devise new process planning.

We help you

  • Devise an optimized business plan
  • Get approval from stakeholders with proper statistical representations
  • Prioritize business needs
  • Monitor progress
  • Remove detrimental roadblocks
  • Plan infrastructural upgrades
  • Migrate data to the new system
  • Fix a timeline for the performance upgrade
  • Training staff to implement the process responsively

Benefits of implementing ERP

  • A proper ERP helps enhance the internal performance efficiently
  • Effective decision making is brought about, as the basic system is optimised
  • The enterprise can adapt quickly to market trends, as there is more standardization
  • The staff get clear cut understanding of how things work internally
  • Helps you Identify obstacles that are on the way of achieving your business goals

Whatever your business goals, we help you take sure strides towards them. Our ERP consultant can accommodate your requirements with a proactive approach, strategic planning and amiable attitude. Contact us today to achieve your ROI with effortless ease!