KanRam Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of every industry and plays an important role to positively balance the relationship between demand and supply. In a nutshell, they help the economy perform without chaos.

KanRam can help you enable seamless and timely transportation of goods with our intelligent ERP solutions. We understand how competitive logistics sector is, and can tailor an optimized and integrated system to efficiently bridge the gap between logistics companies and clients.

We can effectively transform how your operational framework performs, by automating the logistics system. We equip you with real-time streamlined information and processes to recognize the weak spots that hinder the efficient supply and delivery process.


1. Effective inventory management

Logistics comprises an elaborate system of integration between different parameters. With automated inventory management, you can see accurate stock projections based on production, purchase orders, and sales. This paves the way for better supply dynamics. we can create an interface dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound transactions within the warehouse. In addition, batch-wise inventory management can help you see the exact location in the warehouse, and generate product bundles for sale.

2. User management system

Logistics involves a dynamic network of work partners in every stage of the process. Our solution can help you recognize the user privileges of the internal and external teams at a glance. So, it becomes easier to track the way resources are used and reduce the communication gap between different teams. This can help pinpoint responsibility when an error occurs and enable you to take corrective measures immediately. We also help you automate payroll processing and manage employee performance. This leads to a goal-oriented approach and accentuates the morale of all team players.

3. Customer Management

We help you access up-to-date information of all customers and their orders, at a click of a button. Feedback and special notes from customers are included alongside the order details for quick reference. This can help you have integrated planning and execution of transportation of goods. Processing orders can be done with agility and managing delivery can be accomplished with effortless ease. This database can also help you manage the accounting and billing side of things efficiently. Automated payment reminders can be set up for regular business deliveries. This also helps to keep the channel of communication open at all times and create an overall positive experience.

4. Trip Management

With an integrated system, scheduling a trip becomes easy. Having an organized real-time status of fleet helps in the allocation of trucks on expected delivery timings. This system also helps you track the available trucks and drivers at any time. All documents needed for seamless transportation can be generated at a centralized platform, and this will allow the team to be on board with the terms and conditions, cost, delivery schedules and associated instructions unique to the order. This centralized integration can also help plan truck maintenance, repair and service schedules.

5. Cost Management

An effective ERP system can help simplify tasks and save time. This helps you monitor the workflow cycle and pick out weak spots to tackle. Automated revenue management helps you keep track of all receivables due, and send reminders periodically. Reduced paperwork, quick information passage, and real-time tracking can help in reducing unwanted costs and redundancies. Quick decisions are possible when time is of the essence.

If you need an ERP system that can seamlessly integrate with the operational framework that you already have in place, we can manage that too. We can also suggest ways to improve the way things perform to enhance your ROI, and customise a solution to fit.

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