Manufacturing industry is the axis on which the economy balances the demand & supply dynamics. Globalization has facilitated tremendous growth in the manufacturing sector, thereby fueling growth, productivity, and employment in leaps and bounds.

KanRam understands that the manufacturing industry faces a lot of competition, and getting a firm foothold is critical to stay abreast in the market. There is a constant need to evolve to keep up with the dynamic market situation. It is important to automate the internal processes to function seamlessly and reduce costs. This also facilitates effective quality control and supply chain management.

We endeavor to provide you real-time information on the inventory of raw materials, production process status, workforce management, and post-production process. This helps optimize the utilization of resources and scale up with flexibility.


1. Customer Resource Management

What if we said that you will get a 360° view of a customer and the associated orders at a glance? Intrigued? Our resource management solution can help you manage every stage of the conversation cycle. The leads, orders, deliverables, invoices, and payment status are clearly laid out on a single page. In addition, every communication with a customer can be viewed on a single page too. This makes decisions, delegation, resolving complaints and monitoring tasks more efficient. This reduces ambiguities and optimizes conversation rates.

2. Automated Purchase Requisition

Raw materials are the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Procuring them with item-wise price analysis can help bring down the cost incurred. Our solution allows you to create a material requisition form and request quotes from multiple at a click of a button. This also helps you rate the suppliers based on previous experiences with regards to delivery time, quality and communication. We also give you the flexibility to fix a buffer stock level and automatically send purchase requisitions if the level goes down.

3. Inventory Monitoring

Our strategic solutions to manage inventory helps you see the current stock of raw materials, purchase orders, sales orders and production orders in real-time. Batch wise inventory listing along with its location in the warehouse can be perused at a glance. This inevitably saves time and cost and reduces manufacturing bottlenecks as inventory replenishments are kept up-to-date. Effortless material management becomes a reality.

4. Manufacturing Efficiency

Our ERP solutions help you integrate and schedule manufacturing process across various assembly lines seamlessly. This helps the workforce manage workstations and standardize the process to fit timelines. Generating an optimized Bill of Material inclusive of raw materials, subassemblies, subcomponents, and spare parts become efficient. In addition, a production planning tool helps you to compare each batch against a set benchmark to maintain quality. You can also track the operational costs in real-time.

5. Human Resource Management

Our ERP solution can help you effectively to manage the workforce and boost their morale through automated payroll processing. Training and professional appraisal system can help them learn new skills. Managing employee attendance, leave management and expenses claim management can be tackled effectively. This reduces time wastage and initiates goal-oriented approach. Easy tracking of performance is made possible with a click of a button.

If you are involved in the export/import business, we can customize a special solution for you. EXIM business involves lots of regulations, documentation, and compliances. Call us for more details.