KanRam Real Estate

The Real Estate sector is booming due to positive developments in the economy, but high expenses and volatile market fluctuations are the weak spots that hinder efficient performance. However, there is no denying that Real Estate plays a significant role in impacting communities and improving the quality of life.

KanRam endeavors to assist real estate agents to work in an intuitive and proactive manner. We aim to save your time, money and resources with customized software to tackle the unique challenges associated with this sector. It will help you optimize the entire buying and selling process, by effectively managing leads.

You might be surprised that few intelligent tweaks to organizing and streamlining the way things are done, will help you survive in the competitive marketplace with agility.

We simplify the operational process by maintaining a unified database for robust customer management, to track leads, effective property handling and to manage the financial cycle.


1. Portfolio Management

Our solution can give you instant access to all properties in your portfolio and can give you a 360° view of all information pertaining to each individual property like cost reporting, property history, and blueprints. You can also make a note of all factors that determine the value of a property in one screen, thereby enabling you to quote appropriately for customer query. This clarity helps you to communicate precisely and build better customer relationships.

2. Lease Management

Leasing is the significant branch of the real estate industry, and keeping track of tenancy checks and lease deposits will help you improve tenant satisfaction and enhance occupancy rates. Our solution can help you intelligently manage rent and renewals modules. This also helps you analyze demand & supply dynamics by presenting you real-time information on leasing status, payment plans, occupancy and vacancy status and collections at the click of a button.

3. Customer Relationship Management

In this era of digital disruption, more and more leads are coming from social media and marketing platforms. The challenge here is to convert them into actual buyers, and our ERP solutions can help you analyze the information in depth. This will be a rich resource while planning email campaigns and plan publication in popular online platforms to generate positive leads. For existing customers, our solutions help you keep track of preferences and suggest viable solutions. Instant complaint management is made possible

4. Construction Management

Real estate involves an important vertical of customized constructions. Our specialized solutions allow you to comprehensively manage the progress of projects and track key cost. You will be well equipped to create a bill of quantities ( BOQ) and incorporate the actual costs submitted by subcontractors, to arrive at the estimated cost. Automated daily payments and optimized use of resources reduce redundancies and time wastage. Our solutions also help you manage procurement and inventory through an automated process of material requirement planning.

5. Finance Management

Our analytics professionals can help you gather and integrate real-time data from the key departments to present a clear cut view of the financial strength of your organization. Our finance dashboard offers a concise view of the overall financial standing through the reconciliation of accounts receivable, payables, procurement costs, stock of inventory and work in progress. Integrating and optimizing diverse operations can increase your competencies and accentuate your ROI.

We simplify the way things are done and give you better visibility and control of your assets. We help you manage your portfolio efficiently and improve the operational framework to enhance performance. Our solution also equips you to take quick decisions for timely investments, and inevitably enhance your potential revenues.

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