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The retail industry is a dynamic amalgamation of multiple channels of distribution to satisfy the demand for products and services. It is imperative to evolve with the digital era to get a strong foothold in the market. Retail selling involves proactive planning, market analysis, optimizing product assortment, enriching customer experience, and strategic decisions.

KanRam understands that digital technology has changed the way customers make purchase decisions. Our analytics professionals can enhance your understanding of customer preference and anticipate the change in demand and supply dynamics faster. Inevitably, this will help you gain more following and increase your ROI, through our strategic solutions.

We can help you integrate your internal business processes seamlessly. This also helps you draw up strategic marketing plans to attract and retain customers.

We can also help you effectively devise support services like credit provision, delivery services, and personalized shopping services.


1. Demand Forecasting

Our predictive data analytics team can track past trends and forecast future demand, to optimize supply decisions. As survival of a business is peppered with risks and uncertainty, our solutions can help you schedule acquisition of inventory, do proper financial planning, plan marketing strategies and formulate effective pricing structure. The precise prediction of demand over a particular time period can help you maintain optimized stock levels at all times. This eventually helps you enhance the overall shopping experience and enjoy the loyalty of customers even during busy selling periods.

2. Retail Planning

Our solutions can give you clear insights on the market situations and demands, and enhance the scope for efficient planning to meet the challenges hands-on. Our analytics experts can help you gain deep insights into customer-driven data for effective Merchandise Planning. This facilitates quick decisions to make the right merchandise available at the right time and maximize your ROI. You will also get a clear understanding of retail space planning with regards to product placement strategies and departmental integration. In addition, we also assist you in aligning Supply Chain Management to withstand volatile market fluctuations. Such predictive approach will give you a definite edge over your competitors.

3. Inventory Management

The main crux of retail industry involves maintaining a constant stock of goods to meet demands. But, the process of ordering, stocking up effectively and replenishing the stock on a periodic basis is a huge task. Right from tracking the placement of goods in the warehouse, drawing up an itemized list of products, setting a buffer level and setting up automated reordering when inventory goes below the level and keeping track of all items brought in and taken out of the warehouse, our solutions ease inventory management. Our ERP Planning strategy also enables you to effectively shortlist suppliers based on various parameters like lead time, performance and rates offered, and maintain desirable stock levels at all times.

4. Customer Management

Digital era has brought in advancements in how retail businesses interact with customers. Online ordering and home delivery help expand your customer base regardless of geographical location. In this scenario, proper maintenance of customer details is imperative to give a positive experience. This can help you categorize the customers based on demographics, preferences and other segmentation. This can help you customize your approach for each group to maximize reach. In addition, email marketing campaigns can be planned effectively. Our Customer Resource Management solutions can facilitate quick resolution of complaints and issues. Other sales-boosting customer loyalty programs like reward schemes and bonuses can be planned efficiently.

5. Financial Planning

Our ERP solutions can help accentuate your multi-channel performance by studying customer behavior and planning your financial spend effectively. Our solutions simplify your accounting process, at the same time meet government regulatory compliances. Our customized solution can help you track payables and set automated invoice reminders in case of delays. Monthly or weekly financial reports can be generated to evaluate performance, identify weak spots, plan marketing campaigns, track results and reduce unnecessary wastage of resources. Optimizing the financial spend can be done with effortless ease.

With over a decade of experience, we can tailor you a strategic solution to meet business demands. We also help you with social media management to help your brand make an impact on the minds of your target audience.

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