Staff Augmentation

Human resources are the crux of any business process. Staff augmentation is a dynamic strategy to choose the best workforce to realize business objectives. This helps a business to scale up quickly by hiring temporary workers to fill up short time positions within the existing framework.

When there is a time-sensitive project that requires specialized skills, you are better off hiring a well trained professional to implement the project and train the current employees. At the same time, you might feel it is not feasible to hire permanently, as the project might end in a few months and your current employees can effectively handle other projects.

In this scenario, we can help you hire the best talent to slot into your existing operational structure with seamless ease and efficiency.


KanRam understands the importance of hiring apt people for every project. In addition, we know how time sensitive projects are and that it is not always ideal to go through the tedious process of recruitment, background checks, hiring formalities and on-boarding.

We have a rich talent pool of professionals with a plethora of specializations. We have an elaborate system of hiring with thorough background checks and legal compliances. We also have a referral based sourcing strategy to shortlist the perfect resources to help your business realize its full potential. Our strength lies in identifying the right talent for your requirements.

How we do it

1. We sit with you to understand your specific requirements. We devise you a bespoke talent pool plan after establishing your business goals and technical needs.
2. When your projects require highly skilled consultants onsite, we bring expert staff into your office premises. You have the option to hire them

Permanently – We provide you well-qualified staff who are suitably screened for safety and reliability. There is short turnaround time, and our fee structure is competitive.

Hiring as temporary staff – You can hire a consultant for a one time project, or keep them in temporary status till you determine if they are a good fit. In this scenario, we work with you on a prorated fee structure.

3. Our offshore model lets you manage your resources yourself, or outsource the management to us. The consultant will work for your project from our premises. We establish a well-defined timeline and deliverables. This is ideal for budgeted projects. We provide round the clock services to meet your specifications.
4. We provide excellent support throughout the project and give you regular updates on the overall progress. We also take steps to resolve conflicts and address the concerns with immediate effect.
5. Once the project is completed to your full satisfaction, we get your feedback to accentuate our service standards.

The key advantages of entrusting your staff augmentation needs to KanRam are,

  • Optimized  and affordable cost
  • Flexibility and access to varied talents
  • Responsibility and control is firmly in place
  • Saves wasting time for an extensive hiring process each time you have a skill requirement
  • A backup team to meet all eventualities

Take a firm step towards a progressive process of outsourcing staffing solutions. Contact us today!